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Information Technology

Australian government and companies targeted by a sophisticated state-based actor

What’s happened?

The Australian Government is aware of and responding to, a sustained targeting of Australian governments and companies by a sophisticated state-based actor.

A range of tactics, techniques, and procedures are being used to target multiple Australian networks. It’s important that Australian companies are alert to this threat and take steps to enhance the resilience of their networks. Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility.

What your IT managers can do

The ACSC has produced technical advice for Information Technology managers.

The advice includes the following mitigation strategies to help reduce the risk of compromise to your systems:

1. Prompt patching of internet-facing software, operating systems, and devices

All exploits utilized by the actor in the course of this campaign were publicly known and had patches or mitigations available. Organizations should ensure that security patches or mitigations are applied to internet-facing infrastructure within 48 hours. Additionally, organizations, where possible, should use the latest versions of software and operating systems.

2. Use of multi-factor authentication across all remote access services

Multi-factor authentication should be applied to all internet-accessible remote access services, including:

  • web and cloud-based email
  • collaboration platforms
  • virtual private network connections
  • remote desktop services.

Article courtesy: www.staysmartonline.gov.au

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