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Data Breaches in First Six Months of 2021

A data breach is the process in which an organization or a company faces data loss of some important confidential information or it comes in the contact of unauthorized access or disclosure of data which is supposed to be hidden, such as when a customer’s personal data is lost or stolen, a database center storing all the information is hacked or that important information is mistakenly given to the wrong person, published by OAIC’s website.

The healthcare sector reported the most cases of a data breach at 85, which accounted for almost a fifth of all notifications, stated by OAIC in the biannual report.

According to researched and observations conclusion is that malicious or criminal attacks (48 cases) were the main source of breaches within the healthcare sector, from previous reports it is observed that such data breaches are results of human error which is a “significant shift”.

Thirty-one (31) cases are reported as cyber incidents, e.g., phishing attacks and ransomware.

There was a total of 446 data breaches registered in the first six months of 2021 including all the sectors in healthcare, such as finance, legal, accounting and management, insurance, and the government. This shows a 16% downfall as compared to the July-December 2020 period. Most notifications were made in March.

Malicious or criminal attacks were the leading source of breaches, making up 289 or 65% of the total notifications. The most common type of personal information compromised in breaches is contact information.

5,000 individuals or less almost 93% are affected by data breaches, on the other hand, 100 people or less almost 65% are encountered data breaches.

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Article courtesy: Healthcare IT news

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