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Cyber Security

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Cyber Security Information Technology

Telstra impacted by third-party data breach

Telstra, the largest telecom company in Australia, disclosed on Tuesday last week that one of its third-party suppliers had been compromised, resulting in a data breach. Key Points: No consumer information has...

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Cyber Security

Data Leak At Optus: The Optus Attack Serves As A Reminder Of Cyber Danger

The “worst case scenario,” according to Optus Chief Executive Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, was that 9.8 million customers had their information compromised. However, the company was unsure exactly how many...

Cyber Security

SA Government Employees Under Ransomware Attack

Last Month, SA government employees personal information is affected by Ransomware attack which initially started from Payroll System Software given by Frontier Software.More than 38,000 employees data is under...

Cyber Safe
Cyber Security

Better Cyber-Safe than Sorry

Regardless of calls for Australia to act at a political stage, there is a ton that singular organizations can do to shield against potential cyber dangers. Above all, organizations ought to focus on having a sa...

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Cyber Security

Data Breaches in First Six Months of 2021

A data breach is the process in which an organization or a company faces data loss of some important confidential information or it comes in the contact of unauthorized access or disclosure of data which is sup...

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Importance of Firewall for your Business Protection

What Is Firewall? Firewall monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. It works as an intermediate between trusted and untrusted harmful networks for your ...

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Cyber Security

Australia’s largest Meat Provider became a Cyber-Crime Victim

World’s largest meat providers based in Australia and North America became victim of an organized cyber-attack which affected their information systems, stated by Brazilian JBS SA (JBSS3.SA). JBS Australi...

Cyber Security

Business Growth with a Good Website During Covid-19

During the time of Covid-19, 40% of Australian businesses are operating online, internet and website consumption is increased a lot from 2020. Businesses are delivering their products and services online and ea...

Cyber Attacks
Cyber Security

Insurance Premiums Data Leak because of Cyber Attacks

Australian organizations have been hit hard with the expense of data leak of premiums up to 30 percent to cover cyber attacks, as reported by insurance brokers Marsh. This is increasing rapidly in the country b...