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Cyber Security

SA Government Employees Under Ransomware Attack

Last Month, SA government employees personal information is affected by Ransomware attack which initially started from Payroll System Software given by Frontier Software.More than 38,000 employees data is under attack.

“I have been advised that the records of at least 38,000 employees were accessed and that up to 80,000 employees might have been accessed,” stated by Treasurer Rob Lucas.

Government is now working with Frontier Software company to provide accurate estimated number of affected employees.

Treasurer Rob Lucas also mentioned that the Department of Education’s Employees data is safe and not affected by the Ransomware attack Right Now.

Personal information including names, dates of birth, tax file numbers, addresses, bank account details and pay details like remuneration, tax withheld, superannuation contributions etc are compromised.

The government has also doing it’s best to provide full support by collaborating with national identity and cyber support service IDCARE to work with affected employees.

“We are deeply disappointed that this breach occurred and are working closely with Frontier Software to investigate how this incident happened,” stated by Treasurer Lucas.

“We apologise to all SA government employees affected.”
The SA government has used Frontier Software as its external payroll software provider since 2001.

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