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Telstra impacted by third-party data breach

Telstra, the largest telecom company in Australia, disclosed on Tuesday last week that one of its third-party suppliers had been compromised, resulting in a data breach.

Key Points:

  • No consumer information has been compromised, but according to Telstra, up to 30,000 names and email addresses of former and current employees have been posted on the dark web.
  • A third company that provided employees with a rewards programme was responsible for the breach.

Hackers gained access to the personal data of 30,000 current and former employees of Telstra, shocking the company.

On the same site where the Optus breach information was shared last week, the staff members’ identities and email addresses were also made public.

First names, last names, and work email addresses of 30,000 Telstra workers from before 2017 were disclosed in the data.

Additionally, it contained data on the 12,800 people who are still working for the company.


On Saturday, Alex Badenoch, group executive for transformation, communications, and people at Telstra, sent an email to the workers.

The employee rewards programme Worklife NAB from Telstra was previously given through a third-party organisation, according to the spokesperson.

‘We understand this may cause some anxiety to our people, particularly in the current climate of heightened awareness around cyber security,’ she said.

‘If you wish to find out more about the breach, or to find out if your email address was exposed, please contact our cyber team.

‘In the meantime, we remind you as always to remain vigilant about any unexpected communications.’

She added that the current rewards programme was unaffected, but all user passwords had been reset to be safe.

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Published on: Daily Mail Australia

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