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Covid 19

Continued widespread reports of COVID-19 malicious scams

What’s happened?

We previously warned you all about the Covid-19 themed scams and since then the cybercriminals have not stopped. Preferably, a significant increase in reports. Followed by the ACCC.

On average each month, the ACSC receives about 4,400 cybercrime reports through ReportCyber and responds to 168 cybersecurity incidents.

Since 10 March, the ACSC has:

  • Received more than 95 cybercrime reports (approximately two per day) about Australians losing money. Personal information to COVID-19 themed scams and online frauds,
  • Responded to 20 cybersecurity incidents affecting COVID-19 response services and/or major national suppliers in the current climate, and
  • Disrupted over 150 malicious COVID-19 themed websites, with assistance from Australia’s major telecommunications providers, as well as Google and Microsoft.

1,100 reports received by ACCC. Scamwatch about COVID-19 themed scams from individuals and businesses losing money or personal information to online frauds across Australia.

These scam campaigns are often complex, with cyber criminals working. On their possible scam within days – sometimes even within hours – of government announcements such as relief payments or public health guidance.

Visiting these fake websites or clicking on malicious links may also automatically install computer viruses or malware onto your device, giving cybercriminals the ability to steal your financial and personal information.

These scams have continued to increase over the past month and the ACSC strongly encourages organizations and individuals to remain alert and follow advice on how to protect yourself and your business.

If you’re concerned your personal details have been compromised, you can reach us at 1300 660 368 and one of our team members can help you in staying safe from phishing attacks.

Article courtesy: www.staysmartonline.gov.au

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