Cyber Safe

Better Cyber-Safe than Sorry

Regardless of calls for Australia to act at a political stage, there is a ton that singular organizations can do to shield against potential cyber dangers.

Above all, organizations ought to focus on having a safe organization in which they work. While it very well may be not difficult to find yourself mixed up with a misguided sensation that all is well and good and figure that your association will not be forced to bear any cyber attack, survey shows that it is turning out to be progressively increased.

Organizations should hence make the vital courses of move. Fortunately, research by Omdia shows that service providers are progressively centered around addressing to the security of their organization, however more work should be done.

For Organizations across Australia, actionable steps that can be taken include setting up next-generation firewalls to reduce the risks of attacks, installing threat-detecting software that can address attacks before any serious damage is done, and making sure that employees access data safely via secure data centres.

Services like these allow a company to gain a greater degree of visibility and control over the entire network, ultimately safeguarding them against potential threats. Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation also play an important role in ensuring that the networks remain secure by analysing and highlighting any potential cyber threats before they strike and reducing the likelihood of human error.

For example, Japanese company Ricoh worked with Juniper Networks to build a secure and scalable network that allows more than 90,000 of its employees across the world to access and send data securely.

Part of this expansion included the instalment of threat prevention software, allowing the company to protect against both known and unknown threats, and analyse encrypted traffic.

With this said, the recent flurry of cyber attacks has shown the requirement for the central government to intercede and build up assembly that upholds both the private and public areas in their battle against cyber crimes and ransomware.

Given that the ACSC receives an average of 164 cyber crime reports per day, it is clear that threats are prevalent and requires more attention. World-leading policies, as well as innovation driven by our technology and security sectors will ensure Australia is ready to tackle whatever digital threat comes its way.

As part of Australian Govt. Stay Smart Online partner, Computer Support Professionals can also measure the security health of your business with the latest industry leading tools and applications. We can help you to protect your business with the latest threat which can cause a security risk and damage your identity.

Importance of Firewall for your Business Protection

What Is Firewall?

Firewall monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. Firewall works as an intermediate between trusted and untrusted harmful networks for your computer system.

You might be thinking antivirus do the same thing but the difference is antivirus protects files within the computer system, the firewall stops the virus by getting into your network system to keep you protected and safe.

Cyber-attacks are emerging in Australia on high level, In this era of cyber threats firewall protection is necessary more than ever.
Read about a cyber-attack incident which recently happened in Australia:

Top Reasons to Consider Firewall Protection

1. Source of Defense from Cyber attacks
Firewall Protection acts as a shield in your computer system Where you store your private information, client’s data and other confidential documents and files.
Businesses use Network Address Translation (NAT) as an intermediate between Internet and external IP addresses, this translation method doesn’t Control Networking traffic and causes computer at risk. Firewall Protection helps in monitoring and controlling malicious traffic.

2. Controls Web Data

Not only Firewall protects your internal system from malicious traffic but it also helps in protecting system from external harmful traffic. With the help of it, you can specify your website search as well. You can monitor and control web searches in your network.

3. Protects your Business From Malicious Viruses

Firewall identify and block viruses, worms, spam, and other malicious threats from your computer system. We need to understand one thing once we are connected to the internet, our data is not safe unless we keep it safe. It also helps in log intrusion attempts along with the privacy policy violation of data.

Firewall protection must be considered in cyber security strategy it is the best element in your network security to protect your computer system. If you are not well aware of enabling and maintaining firewall Protection system, IT expert can help you.

Installing a firewall is not enough as it is recommended to monitor. The firewall and its logs to also identify and spot any potential threats.

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