Client agrees that the terms and conditions that apply to Computer Support Professionals “No Fix No Fee” and “No Hidden Charges” policies require that the Client accepts the solution that Computer Support Professionals recommends.

Depending on the circumstances this may include the purchase of replacement hardware. If the Client rejects Computer Support Professionals recommended solution then the Client will be liable for the labor charges incurred up to the point of the problem diagnosis. If the Client’s system is under warranty then the minimum fee will be payable whether a solution to the problem is provided or not.

Client agrees to pay the quoted fee. The minimum fee is of 45 minutes of labor time. Any additional time is billed with per minute increment. Engineer will collect faulty system if issue is not resolved onsite & get back to the Client after work done.

The work and hardware costs will be discussed upfront and after Customer approval, work will be done. Payments not rendered on time may be subject to additional late processing fees. Prices quoted do not include GST. GST is charged in accordance with Goods and Services Act as per Commonwealth of Australia.
Client permits Computer Support Professionals on-site representative to make a local phone call on Client’s fixed line phone to Computer Support Professionals Level 2 support in case the representative requires escalation to expert remote support for assistance with troubleshooting the Client’s problem. Client permits Computer Support Professionals’s onsite representative to make local calls to clock in and out with Computer Support Professionals’s Dispatch Centre in case of poor mobile phone reception.

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