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Managed Desktop / Laptops solutions

We provide Managed Desktop / Laptops solutions Australia. New these days Computers are essential tools you require to commence your business and manage your day to day activities.

Similar to your regular car maintenance for better performance, you will require to update/maintain your computer as soon as the vendor release patches and updates.

Do I need updates on my computer?

To keep it simple a way to look at this is like getting your vaccination done by a GP. Now if you don’t vaccinate, you are vulnerable to a virus and can easily get an infection. Same as computer system should be up to date at all times by following recommended procedures.

Problems when installing updates?

Different vendors have different updates cycle and it is not a good idea to install the updates as soon as they are released.

It is also not recommended to install all the available updates as this cause potential system problems, poor performance, fatal errors and even Windows corruption issues.

How can we help?

With Computer Support Professionals managed desktop agreement, we test the updates and patches in our state-of-the-art computer lab prior to pushing them to customer’s production environment.

We install updates on a schedule which won’t conflict with your productivity.

Under this agreement, you will get unlimited support for your computer related issues so in you or your staff get stuck and can’t do their tasks because of their computer not working or you are not sure on how secured your computers are or your computers are running really slow, all these issues are covered under our managed desktop/laptop agreement.

Below is what we cover under Managed Desktop/Laptop For example:

  • 24/7 Unlimited remote computer Support
  • 24/7 Computer monitoring
  • Computer maintenance
  • Computer OS updates
  • Test updates before installing
  • Service packs
  • Computer vendor updates and patches
  • Hardware errors
  • Disk usage
  • Resource utilization
  • Event logs
  • Computer security
  • Ensure computer functionality
  • Clean-up


Our Support agreement can be also custom designed based on the client’s requirement. Our package prices are comparatively cheaper.