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Build blocks, change theme colors, edit titles, manage widgets and see the results of the changes in real time. Make some pretty unique site designs without touching any code.

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Your content will automatically adapt to any screen size and look perfectly on all devices. Extend the boundaries of your web presence, create a website with full mobile support.

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    Install Emmet theme now!

    Install the theme in several clicks and start editing it with a help of a handy WordPress Customizer or use a very user-friendly built-in visual page builder.

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    What our happy customers say
    Awesome theme! The corporation I work for asked me to manage the company's blog built with Emmet and I just want to say thanks for such a good work! Iit simplified my blogging in many ways.
    Maria Burch

    Maria Burch

    Imperial Corporation

    I forgot about unneeded back and forth backend moves and simply enjoy my life. I now spend more time making the music I love. Emmet has a cool visual editor, so my editing work is simply a play.
    Bryan Mitchell

    Bryan Mitchell

    Alabama solutions

    I run a photographer blog and the Emmet theme simply became my saver! It's super fast and easy to customize. I've got a lot of compliments from my readers, which is my biggest satisfaction!
    Bryan Mitchell

    Bryan Mitchell

    INk studios

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