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Google Reveals New Generative AI Models for Healthcare Sector
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Google Reveals New Generative AI Models for Healthcare Sector

Healthcare is on the cusp of a major revolution, and artificial intelligence (AI) is taking center stage. This week, Google made waves with the announcement of MedLM, a suite of generative AI models specifically designed to tackle the diverse challenges of the medical field. These innovative models mark a significant leap forward in the application of AI technology to address complex challenges within the healthcare industry. 

What is MedLM?

Imagine a team of highly trained medical assistants, each fueled by the vast knowledge of Google’s AI advancements. That’s essentially what MedLM offers. Built upon the foundation of Med-PaLM 2, a previous language model already capable of passing medical exams, MedLM is optimized for healthcare tasks. Currently, it includes two models:

  • MedLM Large: Ideal for summarizing patient-clinician conversations and assisting with research tasks.
  • MedLM Medium: Designed to streamline administrative workflows, such as generating medical notes and reports.

Key Features of Google’s New Generative AI Models:

Google’s new generative AI models are designed to assist healthcare professionals in various aspects of their work, from diagnostics to treatment planning. 

Medical Documentation: MedLM has been used for ambient medical documentation, helping healthcare professionals generate clinical notes more efficiently.

Pre-clinical Research for Drug Development: The models can assist in drug development by analyzing and summarizing research data.

Provider Search: MedLM can help health plan members find suitable providers through Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform.

Drug Discovery: Companies like BenchSci are integrating MedLM into their platforms to improve the speed and efficiency of drug discovery.

Chief Medical Officer at Google, expressed enthusiasm about the potential impact of these generative AI models, stating, 

“We believe that our new AI models have the potential to transform the healthcare landscape by providing invaluable support to healthcare professionals. The goal is to enhance patient outcomes, streamline processes, and contribute to the advancement of medical science.”

Impact of Google’s New Generative AI Models:

The adoption of MedLM models in the healthcare industry has the potential to significantly improve workflows and productivity for clinicians. And medical professionals. For example, HCA Healthcare has been using the medium model to generate clinical notes using Augmedix’s app, which listens to interactions and combines natural language processing to create notes. The large model is expected to be used for more complex tasks, such as conducting studies using data from healthcare organizations.

Early testers of MedLM, such as HCA Healthcare and Accenture, have reported positive experiences with the technology, with HCA’s senior vice president of care transformation and innovation, Michael Schlosser, stating that Google’s AI has the potential to make life easier for clinicians.

The Future of Healthcare:

MedLM is just the first step in a long journey towards AI-powered healthcare. As these models evolve and become more sophisticated. We can expect even more profound changes in how we diagnose, treat, and manage illness. While challenges remain, Google’s entry into the healthcare AI arena is a significant step forward, offering a glimpse into a future where technology empowers medical professionals to deliver better care for all.

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