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Colour Branding

Why are colours important in business branding?
Does your brand tell a story?
What impact does colour imply on your business identity?

The colour of your brand is an essential character in your brand’s story. When choosing a colour to represent your brand, you must think far beyond your personal, subjective preferences. Color is the very first perception customers will have with your brand, and along with perception comes a whole host of emotional associations.

For example, fast food chains mostly use RED in their branding as red provokes hunger. For Instance: IBM has a BLUE logo, which means stability and reliability which promises buyer a resilient product.

Selecting colour to represent your brand should never be an exercise in trendiness, or coolness, driven by the whims of your ad agency creative director or the personal taste of the CEO’s spouse. However, properly chosen colour define your brand’s value, strengthen and support your brand positioning, enable greater awareness and customer recall, and distinguish your brand among its alternatives.

Picking the right colour should never be underestimated.


With our expert colour branding consultant, choose the right colours and attract more customers.

Colour also tells a story about your product/service and you. Colour creates a usually unconscious response and can have a physical impact.
The Colour builds brand recognition as well as conveys a mood and defined an emotional state.

Below is what we cover in our Colour Branding:

  • Initial consultation for brand information gathering
  • Initial consultation through phone or via personal meeting
  • Colour branding also report includes the major themes, recommended colours and stuff mentioning right colours for inspiration
  • A colour branding report

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