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SA Government Employees Under Ransomware Attack

Last Month, SA government employees personal information is affected by Ransomware attack which initially started from Payroll System Software given by Frontier Software.More than 38,000 employees data is under attack.

“I have been advised that the records of at least 38,000 employees were accessed and that up to 80,000 employees might have been accessed,” stated by Treasurer Rob Lucas.

Government is now working with Frontier Software company to provide accurate estimated number of affected employees.

Treasurer Rob Lucas also mentioned that the Department of Education’s Employees data is safe and not affected by the Ransomware attack Right Now.

Personal information including names, dates of birth, tax file numbers, addresses, bank account details and pay details like remuneration, tax withheld, superannuation contributions etc are compromised.

The government has also doing it’s best to provide full support by collaborating with national identity and cyber support service IDCARE to work with affected employees.

“We are deeply disappointed that this breach occurred and are working closely with Frontier Software to investigate how this incident happened,” stated by Treasurer Lucas.

“We apologise to all SA government employees affected.”
The SA government has used Frontier Software as its external payroll software provider since 2001.

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Cyber Safe

Better Cyber-Safe than Sorry

Regardless of calls for Australia to act at a political stage, there is a ton that singular organizations can do to shield against potential cyber dangers.

Above all, organizations ought to focus on having a safe organization in which they work. While it very well may be not difficult to find yourself mixed up with a misguided sensation that all is well and good and figure that your association will not be forced to bear any cyber attack, survey shows that it is turning out to be progressively increased.

Organizations should hence make the vital courses of move. Fortunately, research by Omdia shows that service providers are progressively centered around addressing to the security of their organization, however more work should be done.

For Organizations across Australia, actionable steps that can be taken include setting up next-generation firewalls to reduce the risks of attacks, installing threat-detecting software that can address attacks before any serious damage is done, and making sure that employees access data safely via secure data centres.

Services like these allow a company to gain a greater degree of visibility and control over the entire network, ultimately safeguarding them against potential threats. Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation also play an important role in ensuring that the networks remain secure by analysing and highlighting any potential cyber threats before they strike and reducing the likelihood of human error.

For example, Japanese company Ricoh worked with Juniper Networks to build a secure and scalable network that allows more than 90,000 of its employees across the world to access and send data securely.

Part of this expansion included the instalment of threat prevention software, allowing the company to protect against both known and unknown threats, and analyse encrypted traffic.

With this said, the recent flurry of cyber attacks has shown the requirement for the central government to intercede and build up assembly that upholds both the private and public areas in their battle against cyber crimes and ransomware.

Given that the ACSC receives an average of 164 cyber crime reports per day, it is clear that threats are prevalent and requires more attention. World-leading policies, as well as innovation driven by our technology and security sectors will ensure Australia is ready to tackle whatever digital threat comes its way.

As part of Australian Govt. Stay Smart Online partner, Computer Support Professionals can also measure the security health of your business with the latest industry leading tools and applications. We can help you to protect your business with the latest threat which can cause a security risk and damage your identity.

Data Breaches in First Six Months of 2021

A data breach is the process in which an organization or a company faces data loss of some important confidential information or it comes in the contact of unauthorized access or disclosure of data which is supposed to be hidden, such as when a customer’s personal data is lost or stolen, a database center storing all the information is hacked or that important information is mistakenly given to the wrong person, published by OAIC’s website.

The healthcare sector reported the most cases of a data breach at 85, which accounted for almost a fifth of all notifications, stated by OAIC in the biannual report.

According to researched and observations conclusion is that malicious or criminal attacks (48 cases) were the main source of breaches within the healthcare sector, from previous reports it is observed that such data breaches are results of human error which is a “significant shift”.

Thirty-one (31) cases are reported as cyber incidents, e.g., phishing attacks and ransomware.

There was a total of 446 data breaches registered in the first six months of 2021 including all the sectors in healthcare, such as finance, legal, accounting and management, insurance, and the government. This shows a 16% downfall as compared to the July-December 2020 period. Most notifications were made in March.

Malicious or criminal attacks were the leading source of breaches, making up 289 or 65% of the total notifications. The most common type of personal information compromised in breaches is contact information.

5,000 individuals or less almost 93% are affected by data breaches, on the other hand, 100 people or less almost 65% are encountered data breaches.

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TfNSW Application Migration Delays

A Hybrid cloud movement is considered a “key Pillar” in the advancements of Transport for NSW’s IT, but it is confronting critical delays and has already reached near $50 million in cost.

The arrangement with Indian IT Service provider Wipro has likewise now moved to $158 million – which is now reached almost 40% higher since the agreement was first endorsed in November 2018.

The program is a cut out of the previous ‘making IT work for you’ program, a similarly effective project that first began life as the next generational infrastructure service (NGIS) project.

This major systems expected to migrate more projects including projects related to speed camera management, NSW driver and vehicle IT system (DRIVES) database and facial recognition.

Yet, records got under the Government Information (Public Access) Act uncover the planned September completion is now “highly unlikely” after just 21% of applications were moved by April.

As per the report, the migration has been “more slow than anticipated”, with just two applications and one integration platform moving in March 2021.

TfNSW chiefs additionally conceded that progress would keep on being delayed throughout the next few months, noticing that only two of the 12 applications scheduled to be migrated in April were probably going to do as such.

“Throughput to the hybrid cloud stays low, further elevating the improbability of finishing up the program by September [2021],” the report said.

Delays putting decommissioning at risk

Because of the issues, the report shows the agency was arranging “critical planning sessions to remediate the schedule health [of the program]” that it trusted would bring about a way forward.

Yet, regardless of this commitment, the schedule was relied upon to keep on following ‘RED’, with the postponed coordination exercises taking a chance with the schedule for decommissioning legacy applications.

“There is a risk that RDS are unable to complete decommissioning planning and commence decommissioning activities, caused by the late commencement of the planning,” TfNSW said.

“This may result in a delay to the end of the program, [and] risk associated with scheduling of the application planning not allowing for decommission priorities or reduced quality of deliverables.”

Resourcing has also been a concern due to “resource burnout caused by the reduced delivery timeframes and increasing workload” and “issues securing appropriate skill and capability” due to Covid-19.

At the time of the contract with Wipro, Roads and Maritime Services said offshoring 20 percent of work in the first year, followed by 30 percent of work in subsequent years, would “complement and strengthen local content and jobs”. Read More>>>

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Advantages of IT Consultant Service

Who are IT consultants?

An IT consultant is an information technology expert who provide best information technology strategies according to your business IT infrastructure needs. They understand your entire business structure and provide a strategy for maximum growth, and expected results.
Advantages of IT Consultancy
In order to achieve business goals an organization requires a Robust IT environment. It is also important to have a clear budget plan and a cost-effective plan of action that IT consultants will provide. Quite often, maintaining a fully equipped IT department is a little expensive and takes so much time that it becomes simply impossible for companies smaller in size.
Stay Ahead
It is a common thing for businesses to fail just because they did not manage to see the growing opportunity in time. However, with an IT consultant, the chances of becoming the first one to even notice an upcoming opportunity grow significantly.
Maximum Productivity
Companies that do not cooperate with top IT consulting companies on their staff are bound to be dependent on the trial and error method. They have no other option to find the right way to operate. Eventually, a great number of amazing specialists, apart from their primary duties, have to perform additional research
Maximum Focus on Business Goal
There are two things that no business can allow to waste – time and money. One of the ways to stop wasting time or money is to let people handle the job that they do the best. First of all, it is a bulletproof guarantee that the task will be completed with maximum effort and efficiency. Second, people tend to get distracted by doing tasks that are not their primary job functions. When we are happy with what we do, the results speak for themselves. It takes time to figure out IT, and as we all know, time equals money.
Reduced Expenses
At the point when it seems like your IT division begins to increasing their yearly financial plan, it is an indication that you need to outsource an IT expert who ought to be reasonable, unsurprising, and manageable with minimum expenses.

Computer Support Professionals can help you to scale both technology and organizational transformation to ensure during a successful outcome. We are only a call away; our experts can also give you service estimates on spot with no hidden cost involves.
We offer:
• Design IT strategy
• Infrastructure change, for instance: upgrade and migration planning
• Project estimates and costing
• Resource planning
• Program and project management
• IT Infrastructure integration services
• Reviews and inventory management
• Recommend IT solutions within specified budgets

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Remote Support vs Onsite Support

Onsite support is a team working in the organization’s structure design. An expert engineer provides complete in-house services. They don’t depend on the network and organization’s software. They are available both online/offline yet they are time-restricted based on the service you are availing from your service provider.

While in the case of Remote support, required tools and help are not available onsite. Service Providers provide support remotely from their workplace. They use different techniques to fulfill the company’s requirements. Mostly use cloud infrastructure techniques for disaster recovery.

Benefits of Remote Support

Reduced Downtime

If at any time an issue jumps up, odds are awesome that your remote support service provider team figure out the problem before you did because they are constantly monitoring downfalls. They may already deal with the issue from their end while you’re making a request. Furthermore, since technicians are working remotely no traveling time makes it a lot quicker to cure, and provides you back up, and makes operations smoother like before.

Identify Problem before happening

24/7 remote monitoring allows your service provider team to identify Problem before it occurs. Their main focus is to identify any ambiguity and then solve it before you know it, this is beneficial for your business since there is no downtime because of fast recoveries and monitoring.


Instead of hiring expert engineers and technicians in your organization, you can get remote support service from a trusted IT service provider and pay a service fee, with so many advantages including reduced downtime, more coverage time, and less hassle.

Whereas Benefits of Onsite IT Support are

Easier Communication

Having an expert technician present onsite makes it simpler to convey more details about the issue or, even better to show them in person what the problem is. This can bring about a considerably more proficient diagnosing of ambiguity.

Live Progress Evaluation

Onsite IT support helps you to evaluate the progress being made and get updates and reports about the progress, it saves time!. With this service, you can make sure that your problem is under observation by the technician, and you can watch it live.

Better Queries

Having a dedicated on-site technician, you can discuss the smallest details with the expert can help prevent consequential issues down the line, which means having your onsite support look into even the smallest issues could help prevent big problems in the future.

Computer Support Professionals provide remote support, we remotely connect to your systems using industry-best support tools and management applications, making it easier to fix your issues with comfort and promptness. We also provide onsite support You can choose your service according to your business requirements. The experience and support you receive from Computer Support Professionals will also absolutely be invincible for moreover detail, contact us today to see how our professional services can benefit you.




Four Benefits of IT Helpdesk Outsourcing

Better Response Time
Help desk support service’s main feature is Remote access, it provides control over devices even from a distance location. Remote access can save you a lot of money and labor cost, transportation, and materials. Response time to troubleshooting will be enhanced because someone will be 24/7 available for looking into problems. Not just response time is increase but downtime also minimizes. Sometimes Employees or teams don’t put effort as much as they should add to make a company grow, this can cause damage to your company’s revenue this problem can be Sorted out with outsourced IT help desk support.

Transparency in Prices
For a higher level of support, you need an expert team to sort out problems. By hiring outsourced help desk assistance, a company can save a lot of money, hiring outsourced help is always cost effective rather than hiring a full-time employee.

Increased Revenue
Outsourced help desk support provider are experts because of variety of companies they might have worked and maybe still working, they will provide high level of service that rivals or exceeds the level of customer service provided within your organization. They are more experienced than the in-house employees.

Increased Availability Support
Many companies work from 9-to-5 as per traditional schedule. However, many transactions or order are taken after these working hours if a customer gets instant support or get an answer immediately it leaves a great impression on a customer’s mind as compare to a company with no IT help desk outsourcing. If a customer doesn’t get an immediate response, they become irritated which is bad for a company reputation.
“Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.”
Sally Gronow

Computer Support Professionals provide IT Helpdesk Outsourcing. We are available to take care your system 24/7. We are just a phone call away from you. Our dedicated team is capable enough to take care your day to day during IT needs.

• Enterprise-class customer support
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Importance of Firewall for your Business Protection

What Is Firewall?

Firewall monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. Firewall works as an intermediate between trusted and untrusted harmful networks for your computer system.

You might be thinking antivirus do the same thing but the difference is antivirus protects files within the computer system, the firewall stops the virus by getting into your network system to keep you protected and safe.

Cyber-attacks are emerging in Australia on high level, In this era of cyber threats firewall protection is necessary more than ever.
Read about a cyber-attack incident which recently happened in Australia:

Top Reasons to Consider Firewall Protection

1. Source of Defense from Cyber attacks
Firewall Protection acts as a shield in your computer system Where you store your private information, client’s data and other confidential documents and files.
Businesses use Network Address Translation (NAT) as an intermediate between Internet and external IP addresses, this translation method doesn’t Control Networking traffic and causes computer at risk. Firewall Protection helps in monitoring and controlling malicious traffic.

2. Controls Web Data

Not only Firewall protects your internal system from malicious traffic but it also helps in protecting system from external harmful traffic. With the help of it, you can specify your website search as well. You can monitor and control web searches in your network.

3. Protects your Business From Malicious Viruses

Firewall identify and block viruses, worms, spam, and other malicious threats from your computer system. We need to understand one thing once we are connected to the internet, our data is not safe unless we keep it safe. It also helps in log intrusion attempts along with the privacy policy violation of data.

Firewall protection must be considered in cyber security strategy it is the best element in your network security to protect your computer system. If you are not well aware of enabling and maintaining firewall Protection system, IT expert can help you.

Installing a firewall is not enough as it is recommended to monitor. The firewall and its logs to also identify and spot any potential threats.

Computer Support Professionals Managed Firewall. We can also take your worries of network security and can take control over your existing appliance or provide one of our own industry best threat management firewalls.

Services we offer:

• 24/7 unlimited Support and maintenance
• Maintain firewall policies
• Vendor updates
• Monitor logs for potential threats
• Backup Firewall settings
• Allow only limited traffic

Starting a New Business? Everything you Need to Know about Domain

What is Domain?

A Domain name is your website’s address to find it over the internet. Just Like a GPS needs a road address or a zipcode to give directions, an internet browser needs a domain name to guide you to a particular website.

A Domain name consists of two primary components. For example, We have a domain Instagram.com Instagram is the company name and the Domain is (.com). At the point when an organization (or an individual) buys a Domain name, they’re ready to determine which server they are pointing at.


Different Types of Domains

Every Domain name follows different formula and keeping in mind that .com Domain is currently in use of about 46.5% of every worldwide websites, that leaves a lot of space for other Domain name types like .org and .net. In general, the most widely recognized kinds of Domain names include:

TLD: Top Level Domains

A Top-level domain is a sort of Domain name which is at the high level among all web’s Domain name network. There are over 1,000 TLDs available to use yet the most widely recognized and used are .com, .org, .net, and .edu

ccTLD: Country Code Top Level Domains

ccTLDs utilize only two letters and depend on worldwide country codes, for example, .us for the United States and .au for Australia. They’re frequently utilized by organizations that are building websites that are Specific for some regions and can be a decent method of identification by clients that they are shown up at the perfect location.

gTLD: Generic Top-Level Domain

A gTLD is a high-level domain that doesn’t depend on a country code. Numerous gTLDs are planned for a particular use-case, for example, .edu which is focused on educational institutions.

Why a Domain Name Is Important for Your Business

Adds credibility

Having your Domain name makes your business look proficient. If you publish your website through an ISP or a free web-hosting webpage, you will receive a URL, for example, www.abc.com/ – your business. This nonexclusive web URL doesn’t motivate or maintain trust in a client as compare to a Domain name www.yourbusiness.com does.

Adds mobility

Having your Domain name allows you to take that name with you when you move web hosting or change it on your in-house server. On the off chance that you don’t have your Domain name, you’ll need to take another URL, which will affect the business and search engine rank you developed with the previous one.

Builds your brand

A domain name can help you build attention to your Business. Suppose that your Domain name coordinates with your business name, it supports your image, making it simpler for clients to recall and return.

Computer Support Professionals can provide you Domain Registration for your Business. We understand your business needs and helps you build a successful career.

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Australia’s largest Meat Provider became a Cyber-Crime Victim

World’s largest meat providers based in Australia and North America became victim of an organized cyber-attack which affected their information systems, stated by Brazilian JBS SA (JBSS3.SA).

Jbs Cyber attack

JBS Australia Pty Limited

The cyber-attack caused complete shutdown to their Australian unit on 31st May 2021. Company released a statement which stated that, they are working to resolve the issue.

“On Sunday, May 30, JBS USA discovered that they became victim of an organized cyber-attack, influencing few of the Servers supporting its North American and Australian IT Systems,” said in a statement which was delivered on 31st May’s evening, U.S. time.

“The attack will take some time to be resolved, which can cause some delays in transactions with customers and suppliers.”

The incident shutdown activities in few Australian states, JBS Australia Chief Executive Officer Brent Eastwood talked to industry news website Beefcentral on 30th May 2021, at that moment he didn’t said much about it and how long the stoppage would last.

The world’s biggest meatpacker Operates in Canada and the United States, which denoted 31st may 2021 as the U.S. Memorial Day public occasion.

Australian meat processing operations would be impossible without access to Information Technology services and internet systems, according to the Beefcentral report. thep report states that JBS’s Primo Smallgoods business in Queensland state also became the victim

We help you in securing your Business:

Computer Support Professionals experts provide you end-to-end security insurance solutions to stay ahead of the risk curve. Our customized solutions are also based on the nature of your operating environment and your business audience.

We can also address the spectrum of cyber risk and suggest the best possible options which your business needs.


• Run awareness program for Cyber security

• Develop a culture of privacy

• Review your IT infrastructure and suggest protection and privacy policies

• Engage Industry top vendor for suitable cyber plans

• Work closely with your team and define strict data protection policies

• Define effective use of technology policies and increase the data security measurements

Article courtesy: Reuters