Content Management Solution

Few areas of IT have evolved in recent years as much as Content Management. The emergence of a unified Customer Experience Management paradigm in parallel to major investments made by ECM software vendors has created a fragmented, rapidly changing technology landscape.Whether you need to create a custom digital platform, to build a content-enabled application on the cutting-edge CM platform, or to integrate an applications with the transactional systems, Digital Links Content Management Capability Center will help navigate the world of Content Management.

Partnering with marketplace leaders to manage customer experiences

Our solutions are built to run on the platforms that work for you. Our software engineers have worked closely with established software vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe and EMC, and bring code-level knowledge to your project.

  • Adobe / Day
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • EMC / Documentum
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Alfresco
  • LifeRay
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • OpenText/Vignette

The CMS marketplace is diverse and our experience reflects that. We build content management solutions that match your budget and your needs.

Building content products that serve our clients and their customers

Our Content Management Capability Center experts have developed proprietary content management systems, created custom content-enabled applications on best-of-breed CM platforms, and integrated CM applications with enterprise-wide applications. Our suite of CM services spans the breadth of client needs:

Enterprise Document Management Systems

  • Content Repositories
  • Information Access & Security Management
  • Editorial Workflow Management
  • Archival & Retention Management

Portals and Content Integration

  • System Integration
  • Portlets Development
  • Content Architecture, Personalization and Publishing
  • Analytics and BI

Social and Collaborative Software

  • Knowledge Management and Information Sharing
  • Social Integration and Development

Search and Information Access

  • Federated Search
  • Content Aggregation, Classification, Categorization and Clustering
  • Custom Web Crawling
  • Fact and Entity extraction
  • Semantic Tagging
  • Taxonomy Management

Web Content Management

  • Digital Platform Development
  • Content Production and Workflow Automation
  • UI/UX Internationalization/Localization
  • Mobile and Wireless Syndication


  • Content Analysis Systems development
  • Content Testing and Targeting