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Compromised Email Scams Targeting Australian Business

  The ACSC has proclaimed rise in scams using compromised emails focusing on organizations in Australia, particularly around invoicing and payments. This type of scam is often highly targeted with hackers thoroughly researching organisations first. Typically, emails that appear to be from the CEO are sent to the head of finance, with directions to pay an invoice or transfer a […]

Beware of Targeted E-Toll and AusPost Malware Emails

These scam emails use the same ‘View in OneDrive’ hook to entice email users to download malware onto their computer: Don’t click on the ‘View in OneDrive’ link—it will take you to a web page where you will be advised to download a file that may install malware onto your computer. (At the time of […]

New Guidelines For Creating Strong Passwords

We live in a technology focused world, where between four and twenty characters are the distinction makers in whether you’re able to access your data, communicate with friends, or make your online purchases. These distinction makers are commonly known as passwords and the issue is that they should not be similar wherever you use them, and […]

Microsoft & Adobe Provide Updates To Address Security Flaws

Microsoft and Adobe have released security updates to protect products used on personal computers and devices such as smartphones and tablets. Security updates close vulnerabilities in computer systems that remote attackers can otherwise use to gain access to systems or information (such as online banking details) on the device. Vulnerability is a weakness that can […]