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How Safe Are Your Phone Apps?

Cell phones are the one thing we can’t leave home without. They’re our wallet, journal, guide and much more. On the other hand, how secure is your phone? Malicious apps can compromise security regardless of what sort of phone you have. Where you download applications from and how you utilize them plays a critical role in keeping your mobile […]

Compromised Email Scams Targeting Australian Business

  The ACSC has proclaimed rise in scams using compromised emails focusing on organizations in Australia, particularly around invoicing and payments. This type of scam is often highly targeted with hackers thoroughly researching organisations first. Typically, emails that appear to be from the CEO are sent to the head of finance, with directions to pay an invoice or transfer a […]

Cyber ‘guru’ friend to the rescue?

With an increasing number of cases of ransomware and other malicious cyber activity occurring globally, more and more people require assistance dealing with cyber issues in their home. We realize that many people will swing towards their cyber ‘guru’ friend at the first sign of trouble, rather than seek professional help. Many of us have that friend who knows lots about computers […]

‘Locky’ Ransomware Campaign Hits Australia

Locky authors have again retooled the highly persistent ransomware campaign with a new strain that performs reconnaissance on victims’ computers and goes by a new file extension name. The word doc contains embedded links that use the DDE exploit to contact a remote server & get a base64 encoded string which decodes to a set of instructions to […]

Avoid Online Scams – Stay Smart Online Week 2017

Always be on the lookout for suspicious links in emails, social media posts or on websites. Never open email attachments or click on links unless you are sure they are legitimate. If an email from a contact seems unusual, or you do not know the sender, it could be malicious.   If in doubt, contact […]

Beware of Targeted E-Toll and AusPost Malware Emails

These scam emails use the same ‘View in OneDrive’ hook to entice email users to download malware onto their computer: Don’t click on the ‘View in OneDrive’ link—it will take you to a web page where you will be advised to download a file that may install malware onto your computer. (At the time of […]

Stay Smart Online Week

We are delighted to announce the theme for this year’s Stay Smart Online Week, which will run from 9-13 October 2017. This year, Stay Smart Online will support the theme of “Simple steps to online safety” to coincide with the United States’ Cyber Security Awareness Month. This theme emphasizes the message that all members of […]