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Stay Smart Online Week

We are delighted to announce the theme for this year’s Stay Smart Online Week, which will run from 9-13 October 2017.

This year, Stay Smart Online will support the theme of “Simple steps to online safety” to coincide with the United States’ Cyber Security Awareness Month. This theme emphasizes the message that all members of the public can take some easy actions to guard themselves online and to recover in the event a cyber incident occurs.

For most of us, the internet opens up new opportunities. We can shop, bank, research, work and connect when and where we want to. But the online world can also give criminals opportunities to steal money, information or identities. The good news is that we can all take simple steps to better protect our personal or business information online. 2017 Stay Smart Online Week will promote easy-to-follow, practical advice to help you and your stakeholders stay safe online and learn what to do if things go wrong.

Stay Tuned!

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