Servers in your network act as the heart and soul of your Infrastructure. Regular maintenance is essential for optimal and healthy IT infrastructure.

Computer Support Professionals engineer will perform regular monthly preventative maintenance to ensure you that the servers performs up to their best health. With our proactive approach, we can identify the malfunction before it actually happens.

Under managed server we also provide unlimited remote support, so any support request which is related to the server functionality will be covered without any additional cost.

Below is what we cover under Managed Server:

  1. 24/7 Unlimited Remote Server Support
  2. 24/7 Server monitoring
  3. Server Maintenance
  4. Server OS updates
  5. Test updates before installing
  6. Service packs
  7. Server Vendor updates
  8. Monitor Raid Status
  9. Hardware errors
  10. Disk Usage
  11. Resource Utilization
  12. Event logs
  13. Server Security
  14. Ensure server functionality
  15. Clean-up

Note: Our support agreements can be custom designed based on the client’s requirement. The prices above are just to give a basic idea. Our package prices are comparatively cheaper.