Improve the security situation with robust firewall protection at a lower cost

You want to transform with cloud computing, analytics, mobility and the networked business, but you cannot ask people to leave their own devices because of the increased security concerns.

Computer Support Professionals Firewall Management Services are offered on a fixed pricing model and vendor-independent approach; we can reduce costs and risks while allowing you to better manage compliance with regulatory requirements and meet the requirements of a highly-instrumented world.

Below is what we cover under Managed Firewall:

  • Firewall monitoring
  • Log monitoring
  • Optimize its operation and services
  • Check all the firewall components are still functioning properly and interacting with each other
  • Provide you with the reports and insight you need on system health and threat activity
  • We guarantee that your security policy is applied, giving you the best chance to respond quickly to the latest threats
  • We will give you the best technology to help future proof your investment and maximize your protection