Computer are essential tools you require to commence your business activities. This is a tool which has made you day to day tasks very easy, but where are there are advantages there are also disadvantage of not using the tools as required.

Similar to your car maintenance in order the use computer effectively you will require to update your computer on weekly basis or as soon as the vendor release updates.

Do I need updates for my computer?

To keep it simple a way to look at this is like getting your vaccination done by a GP. Now if you don’t vaccinate you are vulnerable to a virus and can easily get infected compared if you did get your vaccination and become immune to the virus.

How do I install updates and what updates do I really need?

Different vendor has different updates cycle and it is not a good idea to install the updates as soon as they are released. It is also not recommended to install all the available updates as this could also result potential system problems, from blue screens and corrupted Windows installations to various other issues.

How we can help?

With Computer Support Professionals Managed agreement we will take care of testing the updates first and then installing on a schedule which won’t conflict with your productivity.

Also, you get unlimited support for your computer related issues. So if You or your staff gets stuck and can’t do their tasks because of their computer not working or you are not sure on how secured your computers are or your computers are running really slow, all these issue are covered under our agreement and some other services as listed below.

Below is what we cover under Managed Desktop/Laptop:

  1. 24/7 Unlimited Remote Computer Support
  2. 24/7 Computer monitoring
  3. Computer Maintenance
  4. Computer OS updates
  5. Test updates before installing
  6. Service packs
  7. Computer Vendor updates
  8. Hardware errors
  9. Disk Usage
  10. Resource Utilization
  11. Event logs
  12. Computer Security
  13. Ensure Computer functionality
  14. Clean-up

Note: Our support agreements can be custom designed based on the client’s requirement. The prices above are just to give a basic idea. Our package prices are comparatively cheaper.