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Increase in online credit card fraud

According to the new finding by The Australian Payments Network in its annual fraud data report, online credit card fraud increased significantly in 2016 with criminals netting $417.6 million, up from $363 million in 2015. Other key findings included the overall amount of fraud on Australian cards cost $534 million, up from $461 million last year, and that for every $1000 spent online, 74.7 cents were lost to fraud, up from 66.9 cents in 2015.


What to do now?

Most of the hackers have been cloning bank cards and stealing money from people’s online accounts for years. But the frequency and severity of attacks has increased as we conduct more of our lives, particularly financial, online. Following are the approaches you can adopt to secure yourself:

  • Use varied and complex passwords for all your accounts
  • If possible, use online payment methods that support two-factor authentication.
  • Look for the padlock in the navigation bar at the top of the browser window, which indicates that your connection to the site is secure.
  • Be wary of clicking links or opening attachments in emails if they’re not from someone you know. In particular, watch out for messages supposedly from banks or government departments that ask you to verify your details or provide login details by visiting a website.
  • Only enter your credit card details on reputable sites. Consider using an online payment service so that you don’t need to enter credit card details for every purchase.


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