We will protect all your cloud based data.

Protect and grow your recurring revenue by combing Office 365 with Compute Support Professionals Cloud Backup.

Compute Support Professionals is providing services of Cloud Backup for Office 365 to make it easy for their customers to protect them with unlimited backups, ultra-fast recover and an easy to use portal that delivers a great customer experience.

What can you expect from Compute Support Professionals Cloud Backup for Office 365?

From only $5.50, you can buy per user | per month all of your emails, files, folders and attachments can be quickly and easily restored within just a few minutes.

Unlimited Backup

  • Keep unlimited versions of Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive data, all for one simple per month price.
  • We will automatically backup data every 8 hours and protect you from accidental or malicious data loss.

Ultra-fast Recover

  • We will allow you for super quick recovery of Office 365 data ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.
  • Cross-platform restore options of data between applications.

Easy to Manage:

  • We will manage all your Office 365 services and activity efficiently.
  • True “set and forget” automation, no onsite software or storage required.

Price is $5.50 per user