The impact of colour is one of the most interesting areas of marketing. Colour is the first visual element that people perceive, it plays an important role in all designs.

The Biggest Mistake in Branding

People usually choose their favourite colours for branding. It seems great to them because they like the colours. But did they choose the right colours about their product or service? What if due to the chosen colours customer pushed away rather than get their product or service.

Why is colour important in business branding?

Colour is used to stand out and focus on something, which is virtually the main focus of branding. Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Google all benefit from their colour choices and you should also get benefit from them.

That is why choosing the colours in the promotion of your brand should be done according to your company vision and the impact you want to create about your product or service.

Colour Branding Consultations

Are you curious about which colour is best for your business branding? Let’s do a discussion with us. We will ask a range of questions from you about your product or services and will use that information to develop your branding colour story. At the end, we will give you a clear vision about what colours to use for your branding and why.

Below is what we cover under Colour Branding:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Colour Branding Report
  • A colour branding report chart.

Price: We will charge you $350 for a standard colour branding consultation.